Friday, 8 May 2009

one room is never clean but its dirt must become irrelevant

everything is hidden behind it. the noise, the motion. a ghost
that you cannot name. this is not about what we see, but the
unknown, that lurks. maybe you are the lurking. the lurker.
some fractions of noise coming through the walls. not those
walls, the walls of the image. identity has shifted your focus
towards further within, and you see right through the skull.
another version of the present. how many there are is beside
the point. we must find how many we are. one colour is
designated, sacred, ancient, weighing the lies. the truth is
whoever said the eyes were the windows of the soul never
pried any door open. you can walk in there. get trapped, settle
inside, forever. or come in and out of it.
this is not about what is there. so much is concealed, we have
no time for the there. there is gone already, as soon as you
touch it. the shadow is denser than the light. particles know.
you got it all figured out without knowing. what you thought
was a question is a statement. there is a skeleton under the
stairs. its spine was broken. by the weight of all those who
climbed up. towards fuck only knows what. they didn’t.
know. they still don’t. only you do, and you don’t know it.
one room is never without precedents. you must fracture
them. make your way across the fields that bear only remains.
under the ground is the seed. the latent monster. one room is
never clean but its dirt must become irrelevant. one room is
never new but you can start it all over every time you speak.
every time you say.
you won’t find the zero. but you can create it.
the more void you try and represent, the denser your matter.
how can a blank eye overflow? a blank eye is zero.
overflowing is the task of the infinite. zero’s contrary. but no
eye is truly blank. even a dead eye is not blank. do you
believe the last thing one sees before they die is recorded in
the vitreous humor?

(Emma Wolf Deraze 2008)

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  1. i have the individual pics of the square prints too, but you've got those, right? if you don't and want them let me know. XWX